Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Apprection And Reflection

I thank to my teacher Puan Nalini who help me so much in my English Folio.Puan nalini also everytime bring us to the computer lab to teach us how to do the English Folio.I also thank my best friend, Crystal Chan Wai Kwan who teach my also..

A Letter To My Parent

Dear Parent's
I am very lucky be cause my parent's every time take care of me.They also buy for us what we want.I love my parent's.They also work for us,give us thing that we wanted.They also work for us until midnigt to find money.I love my parent's every much.I hope they have a long life........I LOVE MY PARENT'S EVERY MUCH! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Letter To The Character

Dear Caring Tree,
Hi! I've read you in the book. The reason I write this letter to you is because I want to express my admiration towards the kindness you have showed to the boy. You have been so helpful and kind to the boy. I've also read about the boy in the book. He is so selfish,ungrateful,greedy and always asking help when he need from you. But I think you have spoilt the boy. Whatever he wants you give him.You should teach him a lesson and not to give him whatever he wants. However, the boy wasn't grateful towards you, and has abandoned several times, and only to come back to you whenever he needs a favour. In my opinion, you should not obey to his command as he likes and has your own stand so that he doesn't has the chance to take you for granted.You are so good to the boy.

Book Review

Tittle: The Caring tree
Author: Sheikh Hassan Seylan Abad
Illlustrator: Raihan Munif Bahasuan

Editor: Lim Puay Hiang
Publisher: Abad Ceria Enterprise

The story is about The Caring Tree was written by Sheikh Hassan Adab.The illustrater was Raihim Nunis Bahasuan.The maincharacter are the caring tree and the boy.The story is about a boy how very selfish.The boy evevytime meet the tree when he needs a help.The boy is very stengy and expecting some thing from the tree.I like this story because the tree is very caring but the boy never appreciate what the tree give him.......



Hello everyone.......
My name is Sabrina Wong Khai Ven.I am studying in S.K.S.B.U.(Smart School).I am 12 years old.My favourite subject is English,Bahasa Malaysia,Science and Sivik.I have four person in my family,first in my father,second my mother,third my brother ant the forth is me,My hobbies is swimming,reading book,surfing internet and chating with friends.My ambition is to be a sciencetist.My goal for my UPSR is 5 A's......Add me in hotmail
sabrina9905@hotmail.com Hope you like my blog.....